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These web pages are part of the evidence cited in the 2002 legal action United States v. Sherman Martin Austin. Since the government's actions in this case raise serious First Amendment issues, it is important that the public be able to see the actual content of the disputed pages. Many readers will find their content objectionable. I do not share Mr. Austin's political views, nor do I condone the use of violence against law enforcement authorities or anyone else. [Note: these files have been moved off of the Carnegie Mellon server to frustrate the Church of Scientology. Read more about that here.]

Warning: The information provided in these pages may be technically unsound. No one lacking proper training in munitions technology and safe handling of explosives should attempt to carry out the activities described herein. Doing so could easily result in injury or death of the experimenter, or of innocent bystanders. Much better information on explosives is available at your local public library, or from booksellers, so please do not take amateur chemistry advice from anonymous political radicals.

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This is the home navigation page for the EXIT Action Batallion. The sites listed in the left navigation bar are sites that I currently work on or am affiliated with in some way. The links below are some projects that we are working on.
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